Small batches an interview with our product formulator: Part 3

September 30, 2020

1. You are a certified pastry chef. How does your training impact the product creation process?

Just like in baking, each ingredient used serves its own purpose and deserves its own special care in the process. Pastry school taught me how to formulate recipes by using percentages instead of measurements to get precise amounts, and that leads to creating a great product that is always consistent. Each step is precise, from when each ingredient is added, its temperature, how it’s packaged, and how to keep it fresh once it’s in its final state.

2. Why is it important to you to make every batch by hand?

Making products in small batches ensures quality. Doing things by hand gives me the type of control that machines can’t. So much care, thought, and love goes into something that is made by hand. At BluPeak Botanics it has always been our belief, “quality over quantity.” From the hemp biomass (raw hemp) that we accept into our facility, to the way we extract it to make our hemp extract oil, to our final products. So much care goes into the process, every step of the way.

3. What do you hope people experience when they use the products?

I hope people feel how much love and care went into the making of BluPeak Botanics products, from the effectiveness, to the smell, the taste, to how they feel on your skin. I studied, tried and tested, and threw out batches and started over many times. I didn’t want to put anything into people’s hands that I wouldn’t use myself, or on my own family. I develop products so people feel the effectiveness of our hemp extract oil and the ingredients used along with it. I hope they find some relief from ailments that have been holding them back from doing the things they love to do. It’s satisfying when I learn how BluPeak Botanics products work for them. We are in this business to help people, and that comes across to our customers when they use the products we’ve created.