Session 5 – BluPeak Referral Partner Training – PRODUCT EXPERT

BluPeak Botanics are more than just inventory. We also supply information, resources, and a positive culture to our customers. Because we have a brand standard we have taken all of the work out of it for you, thereby keeping our mission of quality at a consistent presence when we all talk about BluPeak Botanics.

Only good vibes here!

In this session you will:

  1. Learn more about the products
  2. Learn about BluPeak Botanics philosophy – Read ‘bio blog’ series
  3. Learn how to stay compliant to the FDA guidelines and regulations as they pertain to the hemp industry and selling CBD.

About BluPeak Botanics Products




The BluPeak Botanics Philosophy

Why we are in business

Who we want to help

Standard of quality

Please Follow FDA Guidelines

Heal – health claims

Chronic illness

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