Quality hemp makes quality products

August 03, 2020

Superior CBD products are made from high-quality hemp. We insist on the best and we care how our hemp is grown. We conduct our own independent testing on each batch of biomass, before it even enters our lab, for pesticides, heavy metals, and microbials. It matters how your CBD products are made, but it also matters how the plant was grown because the hemp can impact the effectiveness and purity of the finished product.

Hemp is an incredible plant and is used for many different purposes, some you may not expect. When the ground soil is polluted, many farmers and municipalities will plant hemp because it is well-known to absorb those ground toxins through the roots. In this way, hemp cleans the soil wherever it is planted and it’s used all over the world to purify unhealthy ground.

If hemp is grown in polluted soil, those pollutants will absorb into the plant and ultimately, into CBD products, which could end up in your body. This is why it is so important to know where companies source the hemp used for their products. It’s fairly easy and much cheaper to source polluted hemp from places like China and although it’s nowhere near the caliber of BluPeak Botanics’ oil sourced through H3L Labs, it’s legal to still call the product “CBD” or “hemp extract” because the cannabinoids remain intact regardless of the growing technique.

We believe in the power of hemp and in sourcing the best hemp for our line of products. We only use plants that have been grown in the United States, by farmers who use organic farming practices. All the hemp we source for our products was grown by small family farms across Colorado so we always know what goes into every batch we make.