CBD: Transcending Women’s Health

October 16, 2020

CBD: Transcending Women’s Health

CBD: Transcending Women’s Health

• Anxiety? Check. • Mood swings? Check. • Period cramps? Check. • Bloating? Check. • Acne? Check. • Prone to autoimmune diseases? You are if you’re a woman. • Bone density loss? If not yet, probably someday… • Wondering where the list ends and the break begins?

Fortunately, the “break” to alleviate such an endless list which has plagued women’s health since the conception of womankind may be well within grasp through cannabidiol (CBD). Following the initial studies on how properties of the cannabis plant (cannabinoids) affect the body came the discovery of the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). While our knowledge on the ECS continues to evolve, evidence shows the ECS helps regulate numerous biological systems within our bodies. Among the systems regulated by the ECS is the endocrine system: the system for which hormones are processed. While it is normal for hormones to fluctuate on a day-to-day basis, women frequently suffer from hormonal imbalances at one point or another. Because hormones are essential for our bodies to function properly, it is no surprise that even the slightest over or underproduction of hormones can result in unpleasant health issues. So how might products with natural hemp extract help women who struggle with these imbalances?

CBD and Anxiety/Mood Swings: Many women feel their menstrual cycles trigger anxiety and mood swings. Cortisol is an essential hormone that, in “normal” production, helps us manage stress. An overproduction of cortisol, however, can result in heightened levels of anxiety and mood swings. Not only has CBD been shown to lower high cortisol levels, CBD has been cited to help activate the serotonin receptor that curbs stress and anxiety.

CBD and Menstrual Maladies: One of the most recognizable benefits of CBD comes from its relaxing effects on muscles and the vascular system. This find is enticing considering how many women endure painful cramping during their period. Not as well known is the discovery that the endocannabinoid system helps control colonic motility suggesting CBD could also promote gut motility and decrease bloating. Along with its known anti-inflammatory effects, CBD has been found to hinder excess oil production making it a hopeful acne treatment for women who continue to combat acne throughout adulthood.

CBD and Menopause: As women age and trade in menstrual hormones for menopausal hormones, they become more susceptible to osteoporosis. Fascinatingly, research has revealed that when exposed to CBD, fractured bones are mending at a quicker rate.

CBD and Autoimmune Diseases: Because many genes relating to the immune system are found on the X chromosome, women are inherently more susceptible to autoimmune diseases. Being that the immune system is among those systems regulated by the ECS, it is not absurd to reason CBD would boost immune health.

As laws against cannabis plants continue to lift, more extensive and high-quality studies concerning the beneficial health properties found within cannabinoids, such as CBD, are emerging. Many of these studies suggest that a number of women’s health issues may be better regulated and alleviated through the use of CBD products. Being a female-owned CBD company, this matter is close to the hearts at BluPeak Botanics.




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