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At BluPeak Botanics, we genuinely care about how hard life is. We started this company to promote the power of the hemp plant and how natural ingredients help our minds and bodies in a way that improves the quality or our lives. Our nature-based whole plant hemp extract products contain beneficial cannabinoids, essential oils, and botanicals that may work together for:

  • Pain relief
  • Quicker workout recovery
  • Relaxation of stress and anxiety
  • Support to create deep, restful sleep

BluPeak Botanics natural hemp tinctures, hemp salve with botanics, and hemp soft gels are hand-crafted with care to soothe and support the body in a natural, healthy way. We developed these full-spectrum and broad-spectrum hemp extract products for ourselves and our families first, and now we want to share them with you because we know how they’ve helped us and our loved ones. A great life starts with a peaceful mind and rested body, and we want to help our customers achieve that.

There’s a lot of hype in the hemp space and we want to:

  • Create trust with you through effectiveness and natural ingredients that are good for the body.
  • Provide you with good education about hemp and how it can help our bodies.
  • Give assurance through full panel testing of all hemp extract products to prove them safe, clean, and healthy.
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We’re three couples united as family and lifelong friends. We all left successful businesses that we personally built to bring the goodness of the natural hemp tinctures, hemp salve with botanics, and hemp soft gels to the online marketplace. We believe in the power of whole plant hemp extract and natural ingredients to give a safe alternative to pharmaceuticals in the relief of pain, sleep problems, and debilitating stress and anxiety.

We’re all outdoor people who grew up with a love for nature, and we believe that being in nature brings a sense of rest and relaxation to our minds and bodies. The BluPeak Botanics mission is to provide nature-inspired hemp products to extend that feeling beyond the forest, stream, or mountain. Our lab where we make our products is right in the heart of Colorado where the absolute best hemp is grown!

At BluPeak Botanics, we’re deeply committed to purity and quality in every phase of our whole plant hemp extract product development. We care about what we put into our bodies and know that nature-made solutions are better solutions.