About Us

Supporting the bright lives of busy women through wholesome, effective CBD products, crafted with care.

We know that life can be a beautiful type of chaos when you’re a woman wearing multiple hats.

From being a mom, wife, and professional to a daughter, sister, and friend...

At one point or another, many will experience issues like trouble sleeping, anxiety, pain, or that pesky monthly irritability.

Our hand-crafted CBD products are designed to offer you a helping hand so you can get back to feeling like the best you.

“We support our customer’s everyday stress management and self-care.”

-Karen, Co-Founder of BluPeak Botanics.

Our Story

Our story begins with one of our Co-Founders. Karen was a therapist with a private practice where she helped veterans and others who had experienced trauma. Throughout her time working with clients, she learned that many who had PTSD were struggling with harsh pharmaceutical drugs. They wanted a more natural and gentle alternative without the side effects.

One day, a good friend suggested that Karen try CBD tinctures from hemp to help with her personal sleep and anxiety challenges. That day changed everything. CBD worked wonders for Karen and led her to begin researching hemp in-depth. She discovered the inspiring evidence that CBD had helped people with PTSD who wanted to stop taking opioids or benzodiazepines.

As Karen learned more and networked with the wonderful people in the CBD industry, she discovered her new passion. Together with her husband and four other partners, BluPeak’s sister company, H3L Labs, was born.

After hiring professional chemists and installing state-of-the-art equipment, H3L labs fine-tuned its very own industry-leading CBD oil of the highest quality. Next, that CBD oil became the heart of a variety of carefully-crafted, unique BluPeak Botanics products, ranging from convenient soft gels to flavorful tinctures.

Our team is passionate about the possibilities of CBD as it has been truly life-changing for each of us in different ways. Our hope is to help you find the relief and support that we have found through these products.

“We are part of a larger movement to bring the goodness of hemp to a broader audience.”

-Linda, Co-Founder at BluPeak Botanics.

Meet Our Team

Our team is made up of eight unique and talented members who all hold a passion for nature, people, and sharing the benefits of hemp.

Karen, Co-Founder of BluPeak

Chief networker with a background in PTSD therapy, Karen, is passionate about connecting with women and offering them support through BluPeak’s amazing line of CBD products.

Eric, Co-Founder of BluPeak

Head of business development and a helping hand in the lab, Eric is very well-connected in the hemp industry with sourcing materials and sales. He drives our business resourcefully, always building great relationships along the way

Linda, Co-Founder of BluPeak

Linda, brings experience in attentive customer service from 30 years as a real estate broker. She is a student of Functional Medicine health solutions, and is passionate about helping more people benefit from the power of CBD/Hemp.

Dave, Co-Founder of BluPeak

Dave discovered and experienced the benefits of ultra high-quality CBD products and came out of retirement to help bring these amazing products to market. Several years of management experience and a commitment to excellence from the food production world positions him to uniquely help his team.

Jess, Co-Owner of BluPeak

Product creator, Jess, is a baker and Certified Pastry Chef who brings a passion for creating to the team along with entrepreneurial experience from building her own cookie decorating business. She continues to create hemp products that our team and customers love!

Brandon, Owner of BluPeak

Manager of H3L Labs, Brandon, brings experience from building a successful and highly-sought-after construction company over 25 years. He’s a fast learner who is passionate about sharing the benefits of CBD with as many people as possible.

“We aim to share the same successes and benefits our families are experiencing with as many people as we can.”

-Jess, Owner of BluPeak Botanics.


I’m a New Jersey native now turned Coloradoan after attending the University of Colorado at Boulder and earning a degree in chemistry with a minor in biochemistry. I’ve completed several different types of projects and experiments during my schooling, but my favorite one was researching the concentrations of nicotine between different types of flavored pods used in Juul vaporizers. I’ve been working for H3L Labs now for almost two years, primarily carrying out lab processes such as extraction, rotary evaporation, liquid chromatography, and product formulation. Besides working in the lab, I enjoy staying active by hiking, running, skiing, lifting weights, and doing crossfit. I also have been practicing the martial art of Muay Thai for over 4 years now, and I have one amatuer fight under my belt. When I’m not pushing my body to its limit I like to relax in my free time by taking different forms of CBD and playing video games, watching sports, and trying my hand at new cooking recipes in the kitchen or on the grill!

Our Core Values at BluPeak

Our team is made up of eight unique and talented members who all hold a passion for nature, people, and sharing the benefits of hemp.


Each member of our team has joined in BluPeak Botanic’s shared mission because we’ve experienced the benefits of our products and want to help more people find relief. We use our products ourselves and we believe in them.


We love spending time in nature and find that it’s a great place to power down, quiet your mind, and renew yourself. We feel that by producing a hemp product that captures nature in a convenient delivery system, our customers can benefit from the power of it anytime they need it.


We believe in taking the whole person into consideration on the path to overall wellness. Rather than treating one symptom while creating another, we are passionate about natural solutions that are gentle on the body and good for the mind, body, and spirit.


We are a reliable source for CBD products that you can trust will be of the highest quality and made using state-of-the-art processing. We create systems and practices to ensure a reliable, consistent product that you will love and enjoy time after time.


We believe in going above and beyond the status quo to deliver excellence on every front. From the purity of our CBD oil to the quick delivery of your orders, we have set high standards and continuously work to improve and evolve.

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