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Artisan crafted CBD.
Natural self-care is at the heart of our mission. Our full-spectrum and broad-spectrum hemp extract products contain beneficial cannabinoids, essential oils, and botanicals that provide a natural way to support soothing your mind and relaxing your body. Experience an alternative as it may relieve pain, restful sleep, and may support release of stress and anxiety. Shop our selection of natural hemp tinctures, hemp salve with botanics, and hemp soft gels, all hand-crafted with care. Rediscover your best self.
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Natural Hemp Tinctures

Our Natural hemp tincture is a delicious, organic way to recover post-workout or relax before falling asleep. Each hemp tincture is painstakingly crafted with botanics from whole plant hemp extract to supply you with every benefit of the plant’s remarkable nutrients. Check our stock now!


Hemp Salve with Botanics

Our hemp salve with botanics is a natural, clean-smelling muscle rub that renews your skin and relaxes your muscles. The Cooling salve with broad-spectrum hemp extract may quickly soothe any muscle discomfort you may be experiencing, whether from a workout, stress, or a long day at work.

Natural Hemp Soft Gels

These are made with full-spectrum hemp extract & coconut oil, the easiest way to get a healthy dose of CBD daily. Each hemp extract soft gel contains a concentration of beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, & essential fatty acids, ready for easy swallowing and quick absorption.